Tips on Growing your Mobile Advocacy List

This week we discussed using mobile for advocacy purposes. One of the issues that came up was building your list and best practices: do you put a place on your site for possible advocates to sign up organically or do you buy a list? Well, Mobile Commons has the answer.  They are a mobile strategy firm that offers solutions to how their product can help grow your list and what tricks to the trade you can use to do so. Here are some snippits from their site:

Leverage Existing Media

Think about all the different types of media and communication your organization is already doing and how a call-to-action could fit in. Are people signing petitions on your web site? Just add a mobile number field and let people join over the web. Sending out an email newsletter? Drop in a link to your mobile sign-up page. Do you have print materials such as posters or paper mailing? Add instructions for people to send a text message and opt-in.

Use Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to start spreading your message and growing your list.

Grow Your Email List

Use Mobile Commons to collect all sorts of information from your supporters. Our platform automatically recognizes email addresses and zip codes inside text messages, so you can ask people to reply with information and build out your database. For example, when people opt in at a live event, you can send an automated reply asking for email address. When they respond, that email is captured, added to their profile, and ready for exporting or sychnronizing with your CRM database.


About digipolitics

Just your average Johns Hopkins University grad student learning how to leverage the online arena to engage potential advocates for issue advocacy campaigns.
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