New Emergence of QR Codes in Advocacy

Just recently, I came across a great article on by Brannon Cullum on that talked about the new insurgence of QR codes amongst advocacy groups. While the technology is typically used for retail and advertising purposes, QR codes advocacy groups can strategically use them to engage advocacates to take action, donate, etc. By placing these codes on deliverables such as direct mail pieces, banners, posters, etc., a smartphone user can scan the code and be automatically directed to a website with valuable information and ways to be involved. This is great when someone is sitting at a bustop or walking around town and want to learn more about an issue without having to type in a URL or go searching through the web with no clue where to go.

Per Cullum’s recommendation, there are four advantages to using QR codes for advocacy purposes:

  1. It’s a new way to engage supporters and better inform them by turning a static marketing campaign into an interactive experience.
  2. It ties objects in the real world to online content.
  3. It quickly points people who are offline to the web, enabling you to reach supporters at the moment they are most likely to be interested in learning more – right when they see your material.
  4. QR codes can be placed anywhere!

However, this technology isn’t for everyone. As Cullum mentions, an advocacy group needs to be cognizant if they’re target audience would even own cell phones. For instance, if a progressive movement planned to target a rural community to contact their legislator, the likelihood these people are carrying around iPhones and Droids is slim to none. However, if the same group planned on providing outreach to young college students in an urban setting, there is a higher probability that this demographic would be better suited for QR messaging.

Still confused how this all works? Watch the video below (turn down the volume as the music is a bit much)


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Just your average Johns Hopkins University grad student learning how to leverage the online arena to engage potential advocates for issue advocacy campaigns.
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