Playing Dirty in Facebook Advocacy

A couple weeks ago, ClickZ posted the article, “Facebook’s ‘Report this Ad’ Worries Political Advertisers” the basic premise being that since Facebook allows users to reject ads that pop up and say why, both sides of the isle are attacking the oppositions ads by rejecting them and saying they are “offensive” or “misleading.”

Explains Vincent Harris of Harris Media:

“[F]ast-forward 6 months when numerous 2012 candidates are advertising on Facebook. If a certain number of anti-Mitt Republicans saw an ad for Mitt Romney and clicked ‘offensive, etc.’ they could block ALL of Mitt Romney’s ads from being shown, and kill the entire online advertising campaign regardless of how much money the Romney campaign wanted to spend on Facebook.”

Facebook is aware of this and is, “…looking into a fix.” However, this doesn’t mean one still couldn’t go in an ruin another’s Facebook campaign, wasting the tens-of-thousands of dollars spent.

While I personally may not agree with a particular position, I believe they still have the right to be heard and the right to advertise like anyone else. Hopefully Facebook will take this into consideration sooner than later.


About digipolitics

Just your average Johns Hopkins University grad student learning how to leverage the online arena to engage potential advocates for issue advocacy campaigns.
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