Weaving 2-D with 3-D Online Advocacy Strategies

As we read about the three different dimensions of advocacy in our reading this week, I thought it would be great to share with you a product that weaves 2-D with 3-D strategies. Capwiz — an online tool that lets advocacy groups reach out to targeted members in their database through the use of email — has a Facebook plug-in which allows engaged individuals not only to participate in conversation about an issue but also engage directly with policy-makers through email. So instead of having to leave Facebook to use a different tool for advocacy, now one is able to do it all in the same arena.

This is huge for advocacy in the online social media sphere. Whereas we were forced to do messaging and conversation between constituents alone via one tool, and then leave the conversation to use another, we are now able to get advocates engaged and have them go directly to the necessary means to contact legislators on that particular issue within the same locale. Taking action is now much easier.

Here’s some more information from Capwiz’s website:

Easy to integrate. This application works seamlessly with your organization’s Facebook page with nothing more than a few clicks from your Capwiz administrative site.

Viral. Activists can invite friends to take action and publish your organization’s alerts to their own ‘Wall,’ which also appears in their ‘News Feed.’

Measurable. All actions taken on Facebook are recorded in the reports section of your Capwiz administrative site, allowing you to analyze your advocacy activity easily, including tracking the number of messages sent to elected officials.

Fully Functional. More than just a link to Facebook, this application extends the Capwiz experience allowing for effective message creation and usage of our best-of-breed message delivery system to Capitol Hill and state legislators.

Click here for more information on this tool.


About digipolitics

Just your average Johns Hopkins University grad student learning how to leverage the online arena to engage potential advocates for issue advocacy campaigns.
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